Member Information

Mining and mining-related professionals actively participating in minerals education and research are eligible to become members of the Society. For more information on the Society of Mining Professors and membership please contact Prof. Vlad Kecojevic.

Member Application Form

You can fill the on-line form for an Application/Nomination for new Members. Once you have filled and submitted the form, it will be sent to the Membership Committee. It is important that you include a short bio (CV) that accurately represents your contributions to the mining profession as well as an endorsement from a current member of the Society. Without a CV and without an endorsement, your application can not be processed.

Society Fee

The annual membership fees as of calendar year 2024, as approved at the 2023 Annual General Meeting in Clausthal, Germany, are as follows:

  • Members (and Associate Members) 70 Euros
  • Members from Developing Countries 50 Euros
  • Retired Members 35 Euros
  • Emeritus Members 35 Euros
  • Junior Members 35 Euros

Member's ONLY Access

Username and Password

If you are a member of the Society and you have problems to access your account, please contact Dr. Zach Agioutantis at

Member Database and Contact Information

SOMP members can connect with the Member Database. Please use the link to your name to update your contact information as appropriate.

Presentations at Meetings

SOMP members have access to all presentations and electronic material that were generated during past Annual General and Regional Meetings.