The Mission

The Society of Mining Professors/Societät der Bergbaukunde is a vibrant Society representing the global academic community and committed to make a significant contribution to the future of the minerals disciplines. The main goal of the Society is to guarantee the scientific, technical, academic and professional knowledge required to ensure a sustainable supply of minerals for mankind. The Society facilitates information exchange, research and teaching partnerships and other collaborative activities among its members.

The 4th International Future Mining Conference 2019

The 4th International Future Mining Conference (Nov 19-20, 2019) follows the very successful previous three conferences held in Sydney in 2008, 2011 and 2015.

The organising committee is very excited and fully energised to put together a great program aiming to address and discuss:

•    the future mining industry needs for perpetual innovation in the digital age,
•    transforming mining systems through integration of advanced technologies, and
•    mining operational excellence to achieve cost competitive, safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Mining production is crucial for global socio-economic development and is linked to almost every industry value-chain. However, the current climate of sustained global minerals demand, coupled with deeper orebodies and lower ore grades, extreme mining conditions, and a range of social and environmental challenges, presents a series of challenges for the future. To eliminate and overcome these challenges, we aim to create a discussion platform to enable mining industry to transform scientific knowledge and advanced technologies from other disciplines and industries into mining systems to retain cost-competitive, safe and environmentally friendly operations.

In Future Mining 2019, we aim to integrate well-informed and thought ideas in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) technologies such as automation, communication, and achieve “sustainable technology-integrated mining practices”. The Future Mining Conference series has become a very important event in the mining calendar, so we encourage you to save the date, present a paper, participate in the conference and hear from world technology leaders to “get future-ready”.

Conference details can be found at

Prof Serkan Saydam MAusIMM, UNSW
Future Mining 2019 Conference Chair

SOMP 30th Annual Meeting and Conference, June 29 - July 5, 2019, Bochum, Germany

The 2019 AGM (30th Annual General Meeting) was held in Bochum, Germany, between 29 June and 5 July, 2019.  The meeting was hosted by the TH Georg Agricola University under the leadership of Prof. Jürgen Kretschmann. It included a three-day program (1‐3 July, 2019) with a plenary session on the morning of the first day of technical meeting. It also included technical tours in the Ruhr Area on the 4th and 5th of July, 2019. The meeting was attended by a record number of 110 participants,  where Germany was represented by 29 participants, the USA was represented by 11 participants and Australia was represented by 9 participants. There was a total of 30 countries represented in the meeting. For the final program, click here. For pictures click here.

Mines of the Future

SOMP members Professors Serkan Saydam, Bruce Hebblewhite, Michael Karmis and Michael Hitch recently finalised the “Mines of the Future” project. This report aimed to produce a high quality, internationally focused reference report and established an editorial committee which invited academic and industry thinkers, and technologists to contribute to the report. The report provides a vision of the mines of the future, for 2030 and beyond, and the impacts on required skills and future educational curricula and research needs. The Mines of the Future report has five main chapters, with the topics in each chapter focusing on the Current Status, the Future, and Transitioning to the Future: Operational Efficiency; Novel Mining Systems; Sustainable Mining Practices; Education and Research. 

The Mines of the Future Version 1.0 (Major Findings) Report is expected to be a leading international reference for the future – primarily for mining educators and researchers, but also for other mining industry stakeholders such as mining companies, equipment suppliers, governments and other interested parties. This report includes the major findings of the comprehensive report which will be available later in 2019 separately.

Click here to download a copy of the report.