Member Benefits

Making it to the next level of your academic career requires the right network. With SOMP, you will be connected to the top global mining academics.

Some of the benefits of being involved with SOMP are listed below:

  • Networking opportunities and development of long-term professional relationships are unparalleled.
  • Joint research and educational projects and other collaborative efforts among SOMP members are initiated at SOMP Annual and Regional Meetings. There have been more than 30 funded joint projects as the results of collaborative efforts among SOMP members.
  • SOMP members are involved in academic capacity building in many developing countries, assisting with curriculum development and teaching, sharing innovative teaching technologies, and developing collaborative teaching models, innovative teaching and learning/assessment tools.
  • SOMP members have co-authored peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, and they have made joint presentations at national and international conferences. 
  • SOMP members have participated in numerous staff/faculty and students exchanges and visits
  • SOMP members can provide references for promotion and tenure.
  • SOMP junior faculty members are mentored by accomplished/senior SOMP members. The Annual and Regional SOMP meetings have been beneficial for the junior members who have been able to land academic jobs.
  • SOMP member are supported to achieve their academic goals.
  • SOMP Annual and Regional meetings are not just another international conference with multiple technical paper presentations. Conferences consist of few selected presentations, integrated with informative and practical discussion forums and panels covering our major interest areas of future education needs, collaborative research opportunities, members development, and capacity building for new mining programs.
  • There are six major awards to recognize SOMP members for their accomplishments and excellence in education, research and professional service.

Below is our flyer in three languages: