Ludwig Wilke Award

The Ludwig Wilke Award recognizes SOMP Members who have been active members of the Society for many years and demonstrated significant engagement and contributions to the Society and its objectives.

In particular, the Award recognizes contributions through research outcomes and developments for the mining industry and society at large, and professional service, contributions, and engagement with the international mining industry.

The award is named after Professor F. Ludwig Wilke, one of the founders of the Society of Mining Professors. A distinguished engineer, researcher, and academic, Prof. Wilke has promoted research programs and partnerships, encouraged scientific publications, and provided leadership and mentoring to his SOMP colleagues.

Award Committee

Past Secretary General, President, Immediate Past President, and Member at Large.

2023-2024 Award Committee

  • Prof. Bruce Hebblewhite, UNSW, Australia, Coordinator
  • 2023-2024 President: Prof. Serkan Saydam, UNSW, Australia
  • 2023-2024 Immediate Past President: Prof. Oliver Langefeld, Technische Universitaet Clausthal, Germany
  • Member at Large: Prof. Oliver Langefeld, Technische Universitaet Clausthal, Germany


Nominations should be submitted to the Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Bruce Hebblewhite, by April 1, 2024.

Nomination Letters

Nomination letters should include:

  • how the nominee meets the criteria for the award (not more than 2 pages)
  • an abbreviated resume of the candidate
  • a suggested award citation (30 words or less)

Winner List

2013 Prof. Jan Palarski For his contributions to the advancement of improved mining systems and practices, his innovative research in the area of clean coal technology, including underground coal gasification and carbon dioxide storage, and for his service to the Society of Mining Professors.
2014 none
2015 Prof. Hans de Ruiter In recognition and appreciation of his vision that resulted in the development of innovative, global, university educational partnerships in the broad field of Minerals Engineering, his contribution to establishing international curricula and his tireless mentoring of students worldwide.
2016 Prof. Monika Hardygora For her distinguished contributions to the improvement of mining solutions meeting environmental challenges, and her promoting of transnational research and teaching activities.
2017 Prof. Bruce Hebblewhite For his pioneering work as a researcher, his accomplishments as a global educator, his leadership and vision as the Secretary General of the Society and his dedication to the mission and values of SOMP.
2018 none
2019 Prof. Michael Karmis For his distinguished contribution to body of knowledge in mining engineering, his innovative research, and significant service and commitment to Society of Mining Professors (SOMP)/Societät der Bergbaukunde.
2020 (presented in 2021) Prof. Zach Agioutantis For his distinguished international education and research activities and his tireless and enduring contributions to the successful management of the Society of Mining Professors.
2021 none
2022 none
2023 Prof. Oscar Jaime Restrepo Baena For his dedicated education and research initiatives on behalf of the mining industry and profession in Colombia, and for his tireless efforts supporting the Society of Mining Professors in the greater region of South America and beyond