Emeritus Member Award

The award recognizes retired SOMP Members who have made significant contributions to the Society and are committed to remain active and engaged members in retirement.

2023-2024 Committee

  • Prof. Vladimir Pavlovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia, Coordinator
  • Prof. Christoph Dauber, TH Georg Agricola University, Germany
  • Prof. Pierre Mousset-Jones, University of Nevada - Reno, USA


Nominations should be submitted to the Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Vladimir Pavlovic, by April 1, 2024.

Nomination Letter

Nomination letters should include:

  • how the nominee meets the criteria for the award (not more than 1 page)
  • an abbreviated resume of the candidate
  • a suggested award citation (30 words or less)

Winner List

The Emeritus Members elected are:

2005 Prof. Guenter B. Fettweis
  Prof. F. Ludwig Wilke
  Prof. C. Timothy Shaw
2006 Prof. Vanni Badino
  Prof. Raimo Matikainen
  Prof. Dr. Uros Bajzelj
2007 Prof. Horst Gerhardt
  Prof. Walter Knissel
2008 Prof. Lev Puchkov
2009 none
2010 Prof. Victor A. Kharchenko
  Prof. Gunhan Pasamehmetoglu
2011 none
2012 Prof. Michael Karmis
  Prof. Hans de Ruiter
2013 Prof. Pierre Mousset Jones
  Prof. Huw Philips
2014 none
2015 Prof. Per Martens
  Prof. Vladimir Pavlović
2016 Prof. David Laurence
  Prof. Christoph Dauber
  Prof. Pinyo Meechumna
2017 Prof. Bruce Hebblewhite
  Prof. Piotr Czaja
2018 none
2019 none
2020 none
2021 none
2022 Prof. Mario Cedron
2023 Prof. Jürgen Kretschmann